What makes our tails wag?


My passion has always been taking care of animals. I even won state champion in all around animal knowledge. I've interned as a veterinary assistant and really enjoy helping animals; I volunteered with the Seattle Zoo and had the unique joy of working closely with the Bears and Hyenas. I continue to work with local rescue organizations fostering and placing dogs. I also worked at the Hilton for 12 years and developed a passion for service and excellence which was immensely useful while designing our boarding areas.

After spending a year researching dog boarding facilities and with consultation from Boscoe and Max (our dogs) we took another year and built a doggie dream resort. Boscoe, Max and their buddies still have ideas and we're always working on their dreams! We still haven't figured out the unlimited cookie dispenser but do have dogs, cats, peacocks, chickens, and goats running around our spread ~ pretty much a petting zoo!


Ever since I can remember I have loved animals, mostly dogs and horses. My mom told me that I got that love from my Dad’s side. Luckily my dad always had a lab as his buddy who inevitably turned into my constant companion and best friend. After I conned my mom into a horse and my own dog she said when I grew up and moved I could have as many animals as I wanted and could even keep them in the house. Needless to say, now, I have 3 dogs, 3 horses, and a menagerie of other pets.

I met Kim about 25 years ago and there was an instant connection between us mostly due to our love and passion for animals. She invited me to come help her out at her doggy lodge …5 years later….best.job.ever. I enjoy learning and loving the dogs with Kim even when I’m having a bad day. The dogs always keep me smiling, amaze me, and entertain me. Sometimes an unwise human will try to tell me “oh it’s just a dog…” they just don’t know ! But Kim and I know different that these dogs are amazing creatures with loving hearts and wise souls who can reason, think, and love with no conditions. We love making this a special place for them to come and visit us !
This was our first time at All My Friends and our Cairn Terrier, Maisie, loved it! She came home happy and tired and needing a bath - perfect! That meant she was out running around and having a good time instead of sitting in a 4'x12' enclosure for 5 days. We'll definitely take her back here. Thanks to everyone for taking good care of her. It was so nice to pick her up and see that she was completely stress-free! And thanks for the picture CD. That was a nice bonus!
-Debra K.,Woodinville,WA